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Oct 04, 2019

Our Top 7 twists on Christmas confectionery

When you think about Christmas, what springs to mind? For us, it’s snowflakes, Christmas trees, and twinkly fairy lights. It’s reindeer, Santa Claus, a roaring fire and a huge box of chocolates. When you think of Christmas, it really doesn’t take long until you’re thinking of the sweet stuff!

Chocolate, sweets and biscuits are gifts with a real feelgood factor, and a great way of creating a memorable and lasting impression. We all associate food with comfort, happy memories, and celebrations – particularly over the festive season.

Can you imagine Christmas without a box of Quality Street, a stocking without a chocolate orange in the bottom, or a tree without any chocolate Santas dangling from the branches?


When it comes to Christmas confectionery, pick something special and you can give your customers and staff a warm, fuzzy feeling of being valued. And to help you with that, here are seven fantastic twists on this traditional Christmas gift.

  1. Chocolate Christmas baubles in a fully custom-printed box

Our milk chocolate baubles are one of our most popular Christmas chocolate gifts. They are made from very high-quality Belgian milk chocolate, and they come in custom-printed boxes holding either three hollow baubles or a single bauble.

These baubles look fantastic. They are moulded in a perfect globe shape, with an embossed bow design giving them some texture. And this is proper, retail-quality chocolate. So, whilst they may start off hanging on the tree… when it’s time to eat them, the recipient won’t be disappointed.

  1. Gingerbread biscuits with a full-colour edible print

At this time of year, Pinterest is full of hand-decorated gingerbread biscuits, and YouTube is full of tutorials on how to make them. You can tap into this trend with our gorgeous gingerbread biscuits, which are printed all over in a full-colour edible print.

  1. Christmas tree and Santa-shaped giant lollipops

Our giant Christmas tree and Santa-shaped giant lollipops are fun additions to goodie bags, and ideal for giveaways. But what we love most about these is the attention to detail. The trees are moulded into a perfect Christmas tree shape with sprinkles for fairy lights, and the Santas have the most detailed beards.

Your logo goes on the printed tag, so the recipient won’t forget who the gift is from!

  1. Candy canes

Folklore has it that candy canes were invented in Germany to keep children quiet through a Nativity service, and they were shaped to resemble a shepherd’s crook to remind the children of the shepherds who visited baby Jesus at the first Christmas.

All we know for sure is that candy canes taste like Christmas! And ours have a full-colour printed card for your Christmas greetings.

  1. Message chocolates

Put a big smile on someone’s face, with a greeting that tastes infinitely better than a Christmas card! With our message chocolates, you can spell out your festive greeting with 21 high-quality chocolate squares (for 21 letters or spaces). This all comes beautifully wrapped up in a full-colour printed sleeve.

M E R R Y   X M A S   F R O M   B O U N C E !

  1. Baronette milk chocolates

If the vibe you’re shooting for is more about indulgent luxury, our Baronette milk chocolates are a fantastic choice. They come wrapped in gold or silver foil, and are filled with strawberry, coconut, latte macchiato, caramel or hazelnut chocolates.

The entire outer gift box can be printed with your design and logo, and each wrapper can be custom-printed. You may be surprised at how accessible this gift is, as the minimum order can be as low as 50-100 boxes.

  1. Christmas chocolate bars

With a bit of creativity, the Christmas confectionery options are endless – because you can print pretty much anything with a festive design. If it comes in a box or wrapper, we can add a full-colour Christmas design complete with your branding.

We can create custom Christmas chocolate bars with your full-colour design all over the wrapper. This work very well, because there is something about taking a well-known, familiar retail product like a chocolate bar – and adding unexpected branding – that never fails to grab people’s attention.

Get in touch to find out more

We hope you are feeling inspired (and perhaps you now have a chocolate craving!) To find out more about our Christmas confectionery range, contact one of our Promotional Merchandise Consultants on 0208 3189603 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We can also create high-quality 3D visuals of your final product free of charge – meaning guaranteed print quality, no wait for your artwork and as many revisions as you need.

Written by Tanya Squires

Published in Product News

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