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Tuesday, 18 February 2020 14:03

Know your Materials: REDUCE AND REUSE

Our collections of daily enjoyable functional items are carefully assessed to increase brand-awareness whilst assuring a respectful use of materials and a longer-lasting product.
Plastic is a big problem, choking our rivers and breaking down into microplastics in the sea. But the tide is turning, with Burger King’s amnesty on plastic toys, Cif introducing eco refills and Dove’s new 100% recycled bottles. We are firmly on board with this progress, and we would like to introduce our compostable and reusable packaging for sweets and…
Wednesday, 30 October 2019 11:59

The twelve days of Christmas (giveaways)

Are you all Christmased out yet?! Over the last couple of months we have talked advent calendars, baubles, chocolates, confectionery and gift inspiration. In the last post in our Christmas series, there is one final topic we’d like to address – Christmas giveaways!
It’s nearly Halloween, and the order cut-offs are looming ominously for chocolate advent calendars. But don’t fear, you haven’t missed your chance just yet! We can fulfil our exclusive chocolate advent calendars extremely quickly, meaning longer order cut-offs: 10th November for desktop calendars, and (hurry!) 29th October for traditional calendars.
We can all remember our favourite childhood dessert, and the chocolate bar that we’d always pick after spending an agonising ten minutes choosing in the corner shop. Or perhaps it’s the penny sweets our grandparents handed to us in twisted paper bags on Sunday afternoons.
Wednesday, 16 October 2019 16:51

Top 15 Christmas gift suggestions

Every year, the same dilemma rolls around: What to buy for Christmas! It’s tricky enough to buy for the friend who has everything, the uncle you see once a year, or the colleague you don’t know well for Secret Santa. If you’re a promotional merchandise buyer you also have to pick fantastic gifts for a whole lot of customers you’ve…
The Prodir QS range of pens, with their innovative textured designs, have just been launched in a NEW stone material. This makes the QS pens heavy in your hand but lighter on the planet – as the mineral-enriched material adds 50% more weight whilst using 60% less plastic.
Friday, 04 October 2019 11:47

Our Top 7 twists on Christmas confectionery

When you think about Christmas, what springs to mind? For us, it’s snowflakes, Christmas trees, and twinkly fairy lights. It’s reindeer, Santa Claus, a roaring fire and a huge box of chocolates. When you think of Christmas, it really doesn’t take long until you’re thinking of the sweet stuff!
There is just one working week left in September, and Monday 30th September is your LAST CHANCE to snag an Early Bird deal on chocolate advent calendars. If you want to lock in a great deal and secure your ideal November delivery slot, you don’t have long.
What’s shiny, festive, and comes out every year without fail? That may sound like a Christmas cracker joke, but the answer is… baubles. Just like the Christmas songs ‘Last Christmas’, ‘Fairytale of New York’ and ‘All I want for Christmas is You’, baubles may only be around for a few weeks a year – but they come out again year…
It’s nearly that time of year again. Kids are back to school, with their shiny new shoes and oversized jumpers. The nights are getting darker, and the central heating has kicked in for the first time. It’s September, which we all know means ‘blink and it’ll be Christmas’. Time to get planning, and with promotional Christmas chocolates we have a…
Here at Bounce Creative Designs, we pride ourselves on saying ‘yes’ where others say ‘no’. If we don’t think something will work or we have a more innovative and effective suggestion, we always speak up – but you’ll rarely hear us say ‘that can’t be done.’ In fact, we love pushing boundaries to bring your ideas to life.
So you have a smartphone, tablet and laptop – plus your work PC. You have a notes app on your phone, you text yourself reminders, you record voice notes, and you live by your Google calendar or iCalendar. Do you have any need for a paper notebook in 2019? We say yes! Here are five reasons why.
Here at Bounce Creative Designs we are committed to sustainability, and to giving you an ever-growing choice of eco-friendly products. We have recently added six fantastic new products to our eco range – made from bamboo, wheat straw fibre, cork and PLA (a bioplastic made from renewable biomass such as corn and sugarcane).
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